Quality Turkey & Rice Senior/Light Adult Complete


Our Quality Turkey & Rice Senior/Light Adult Complete contains quality ingredients to provide a balanced and nutritious complete diet whilst aiming to be affordable.

Formulated with 26% Total Turkey and 5% Freshly Prepared Turkey. A responsibly sourced and highly
digestible protein source.

Contains rice and oats which are gentle on a dog’s digestive tract. Also including chicory extract which may help to maintain healthy gut bacteria and aid digestion. With a Joint Care Pack to help support cartilage for healthy joints in senior dogs.

This food has No Added Artificial Colours & Preservatives

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Our Quality Turkey & Rice Senior/Light Adult Complete Food contains carefully selected ingredients for their general health benefits whilst aiming to be an affordable good quality food:

Why Turkey – Turkey is a lean protein source rich in essential amino acids. It is also a good source of essential nutrients such as riboflavin, potassium and selenium which contribute to overall health and well-being

Why Rice – Rice is an easily digestible carbohydrate source ideal for dogs with sensitive digestion


Turkey 26% (Including Dried Turkey 17%, Freshly Prepared Turkey 5%, Turkey Fat 2% & Turkey Gravy 2%), Brown Rice (23%), White Rice (23%), Oats (18%), Beet Pulp, Linseed, Alfalfa, Minerals, Seaweed, Omega 3 Supplement, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS, 960 mg/kg), Chicory Extract (0.05%), Dandelion, Yucca Extract (190 mg/kg), Glucosamine (178 mg/kg), Methylsulfonylmethane (178 mg/kg), Chondroitin Sulphate (125 mg/ kg

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Feeding Guide*

*All dogs are different and the guidelines should be adapted to take into account breed, age, temperament and activity level of the individual dog. When changing foods please introduce gradually over a period of two weeks. Always ensure fresh, clean water is available.

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10kg, 6kg (4 x 1.5kg)

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