Our Foods

Our Foods

We our proud of all of our products – with ingredients within our ranges superior to many pet foods currently on the market.

Since 2005, we have created a trustworthy brand and we have been the food of choice for many dogs with sensitivities and allergies.

We strongly believe that maintaining the overall health and wellbeing of our beloved pets is achieved through a healthy digestive system. A quality daily diet with a Complete Food that has high quality ingredients will play a significant part in achieving a healthy digestive system. We believe in our foods and the ingredients that are in them provide an overall balanced diet for dogs.


With the growing trend of dogs with some form of allergen – their diet is often the first step in understanding potential contributing factors. At Challenge, we have a vast range of products that have avoided the use of common food allergens to support dogs who are reactive to these allergens .

In order to support our customers in choosing the right food for their pet, we have included detailed information on each product page. Further, we have answered some FAQs on both our range of foods and generally about Challenge to assist.

We will continue to add information on our site about our range of foods to support our customers.