Our Story.

In 2005, Challenge was born – the aim to create a trustworthy brand of Premium dog food that is a hypo-allergenic, single-protein, high quality dog food, containing no genetically modified ingredients.

The Challenge dog food range has been designed and produced to help keep dogs in optimum condition and health. As the Challenge dog food team contains dog owners, breeders and exhibitors – years of experience has gone into making this possible.

The Challenge Premium range is manufactured in the UK, using gentle cooking methods to protect the valuable animal proteins.

In 2023, we launched our new range of dog foods with improved formulations offering up to 65% Total Fish Content. We have also include a range of meat based recipes for those owners who wish to feed their dogs an alternative to fish.

We are committed to keeping the very ethos of the Challenge brand at the heart of our foods, with our customers able to choose products that are:

A Single Protein Source

Using the finest freshly prepared animal proteins

Animal protein as the first main ingredient – including our improved Salmon & Fish recipes


Formulated without grains

Suitable for dogs with grain sensitivities

“Normally with a new bag of food; our dog gets a bit picky. When the bag of Salmon and Trout Adult working dog biscuits was opened and emptied into his food bin he took the bag outside ripped it open looking for any left over crumbs and excitedly tucked into the food in his bowl. A huge hit. A few days later the novelty has not worn off he still loves them.” Jane Corban

“Violet loves her salmon & potato food it has all the goodness she needs, she doesn’t fuss about with it always an empty bowl” Sharon Hepple

“Ralph loves the new food, I was a little concerned with the change as it took me ages to find a food that he enjoys, but he seems to enjoy it more than the previous one. His coat and teeth are amazing. People ask if we’ve polished him” Bev Jones

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