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Feeding Crufts BIS Winners ‘10, ‘11 & RBIS ‘14

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About the Challenge Team

Disappointed by the number of complete dog foods which did not have a fresh protein source as their main ingredient, the idea of producing a new dog food with this important element was hatched.

A discussion about the increasing number of dogs that showed signs of intolerance/allergic reactions prompted us to formulate a hypo allergenic food -  a Premium dog food at an affordable price

In 2013 Challenge merged with Sea Treats as Tower Pet Products UK Ltd - the two brands are now together and committing to delivering excellent quality food and treats - made in the UK

The Challenge dog food  range has been designed and produced to help keep dogs in optimum condition and health. As Challenge dogfood is run by breeders and exhibitors who show and work their dogs, years of experience has gone into making this possible.

The Challenge dog food range is produced and manufactured in the UK. The range is spearheaded by three fresh Salmon based products.

The philosophy behind the Challenge range is to produce dog food with fresh fish/meat product as the first main ingredient - the Challenge Adult & Puppy range therefore contains 26% fresh Salmon.  The Salmon used is not the ‘leftover bones and skin’ but the fresh meat of the fish. Unlike other complete products Challenge is a single species food - there is no fat, oil or protein from any other food source. All fat, oil and protein comes from the Salmon. Therefore dog owners can be reassured that they really are feeding a ‘Salmon’ product.

To keep the dogs fed on Challenge in optimum condition, the Challenge foods also contain valuable Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, they have no artificial flavourings, colouring's or preservatives and the food contains prebiotics.

Research shows, that dogs should receive joint supplements throughout their life, not just as they age. Challenge dog food therefore contains a ‘joint pack’ of MSM, Glucosamine and Chondroitin.

Angela Phillips

Co-Founder of Challenge Dogfood

Challenge fed dogs……….…

The dogs pictured below in these great photos are all Challenge fed - thanks to their owners for sending in these photos!